Ahmed Farhan Ahnaf Siddique

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, BUET.

About me:

I am a self-confident person and I look forward to seeing myself as a renowned civil engineering academician of my country Bangladesh. I like to dream big, and I reckon that it is necessary to set a higher goal to achieve it. As a civil engineer, I intend to contribute to the overall development process of the country. I also think that I am responsible for creating awareness among general people about the importance of civil engineering in providing a safe and sound life. I believe that any goal is achievable if an extra effort than required is put forth. I am eager to do to the best of my ability to contribute to the society and the country.

I am currently working as a full-time faculty member in the Department of Civil Engineering, BUET. I am highly passionate about teaching and research. I try my best to motivate and inspire my students. I intend to pass as much as knowledge and experience possible to my students and colleagues as well as learning from them at the same time. I believe that sharing our knowledge is the best way to create a healthy and positive society.

I mostly like to focus on researches related to concrete materials and reinforced concrete structures. My research interests include seismic performance evaluation of concrete bridges, seismic performance of reinforced concrete beam column joints, bond performance of bamboo reinforced concrete, concrete structure demolition techniques, and strength enhancement of GI fiber reinforced concrete. My goal is to build a research career focusing on concrete materials and structures. I am also eager to be involved in multi-disciplinary collaborative researches which will lead to a more efficient, safe, sustainable, and healthy construction industry.